Geisy Arruda, weapon, night, warm fans: “from my home.”


In the night of this Wednesday (19/02/2020) was hot for the fans to Geisy Arruda. As it turns out, he decided to answer the questions in bold from the following, and not be terminated by the revelation that you get in the house.

Always inter-the details of his life to interact with anyone who follows you to share it on Instagram, with the muse of the use of stories. “How can I be a part of your proibidão?”, he wondered for a user.

Geisy has a group of “proibidão” the social network, it will Sparkle. The other fan was more daring: “it Shows a little that you’re here, now.” Geisy had: “don’t get in the house”.

With almost 2 million fans on his profile on Instagram, Geisy, you divide the time by the publication of photographs of the sense and the opening for the inner life. Recently, she published a book of erotic stories called ” the Lust of revenge.