How Bradley Cooper saved by the friends of the Hollywood drugs and alcohol


How Bradley Cooper saved by the friends of the Hollywood drugs and alcohol

The actor, who abuse history of alcohol, he has helped several people, from situations that are similar to your own.

Bradley don’t turn your back on friends

In the year 2018, the world has become under the story of Jack and the Maine and allies in the film threw in, “that was the birth of the stars”, played by Bradley Cooper], and Lady Gaga. When you play a musician addicted to alcohol and drugs, the actor has again the experience of the past — in a way that is similar to that of the characters.

For 11 years now, Bradley Cooper has abuse also with the problems of alcohol and drugs, and didn’t have the decency to admit it in interviews, as he did in 2013 with “IN”. It was when he was 29 years old, he decided to step away from the life he took because he realized that he was not the ideal way: “If I continue, it would really derail my life.”

A year earlier, the actor of hits such as “Sniper Americano”, or “your guide to a Happily ever after was,” he had revealed in an interview, quoted by “El pais” that the uncertainty and low self-esteem, that was the main person responsible for putting him in a position, not where you want to be.

“He took care of me so much about what others thought of me, as I live in the world, as it would be my day-to-day. I felt like a stranger. Just living in my head. I thought I would live to my potential and it scared me. I thought it would destroy my life.”

Cooper: and, Ben, Affleck, animated to the end.

With these problems out of the way, and Bradley is caught in his own personal experience, not only for the loan of the characters in the film but also to friends that go through similar situations. As we all know, Hollywood has many of these. The final reveal, when it was, Ben Affleck, on 20. February, in an interview with “Good Morning America,” “ABC News”.

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The actor and producer said that he, too, had a lot of problems with alcohol, and it turned out that, in connection with his divorce from Jennifer Garner, who after a ten-year marriage, which began in 2005. It was one of the highlights, the most regret in your life.

“I have drunk out of the way, pretty normal for a long time. What happened was that I started to drink more and more and by the time my marriage was about to collapse. It was between the years 2015 and 2016], and, of course, it has more problems in the marriage.”

Aware of the problem, Affleck signed up for clinical drug development, in the year 2018 and later, he announced that he would be completely sober. Still, that did not stop him from having a few setbacks in the last few months. Brought him to the disciples, “guys like Bradley [Cooper] and Robert [Downey Jr]. You were a great help to me… It has really been a great support, and they are wonderful people”.

The process of recovery, Ben Affleck has stressed that one of the most important parts of this is to assimilate these values. To be honest, responsible, and to help others be a part of the whole trip, and it seems to be in a role that Bradley Cooper has committed itself to seriously.

The star of “The Hangover”, has been praised by a number of friends over the past time, and also to say that Brad Pitt had a few friendly words, to the public. After the revelation that his problems with alcohol had resulted in a divorce with Angelina Jolie, in the autumn of 2017, Interview, shared that a key component to his recovery, he was the friend of Bradley.

Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper have been friends for a long time.

“I’ve been sober for the case of the Bradley, and all the days are the happiest, since. I love you and I thank you for that,” says Pitt, in January, when he received from the hands of his friend with the award for Best Actor in a Secondary at the awards gala of the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures for his role in “once upon A Time In Hollywood”.

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During the speech, a later interview, he made a tribute in the form of a joke, to say that Cooper had passed quickly for the ceremony after he completed his duties as a father to them. “Bradley, you have only to go to sleep with his daughter Lea, of the Seine, France, for two years, as a result of the relationship with Irina Shayk] and ran over here to give me the price” is a joke.

All kidding aside, Bradley Cooper seems to be a true hero of Hollywood, ladies and gentlemen, help to overcome difficult times is also a problem that it is so well-known.