Jon Bernthal is almost a film adaptation of the Punisher, that would mean Nick Fury and the three heroes of the MCU


The film Gareth Evans it showed on the The Comic BookI had planned to film the Punisher, which are classified as +18, and it would be Samuel L. Jackson how As Nick Fury, Scarlett Johansson the role of the The Black Widow, Sebastian Stan, how A soldier in Winter, and Anthony Mackie want to Him. Jon Bernthal it is the main character.

“He is Frank Castle and he also has an incredible talent… but as much as I loved the series, and I think it is very Bernthal could be to do with the character. If I see him as Frank Castle in the series, I see an Olympic runner being forced to wear a very heavy week. I want that Bernthal will continue to explore with the character, and completely without restrictions, and out-of-control. I think what he wants to do this as well. You want to have in the film, inhabiting an area of +18 and has some of the same courage and boldness for Him. In my opinion, we have castle pegaríamos, as it was left at the end of the series, and it is now aware of the threat of super-heroes, and the villains are for the whole of humanity. So, He thought, to kill he would try to the person he feels is responsible for all the problems of the civilians. The person who started it all, through the organization of the weapons of mass destruction together, and Nick Fury. The move would be for Frank and he would know that in the first act.”

Evans he also stated that the soundtrack would be by the Eminem and Joel Edgerton, Kristin Scott Thomas and Russell Crowe You would be in the production, in the role of Soldier of fortune, Ma Gnucci and Chip.

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Crime, not least of all, if Frank Castle is in the vicinity. The veteran is relentlessly stoked in his fight against the evil-doers, by the hatred that was generated when his family was caught in the cross fire during a shootout between the gangsters. It is stated in the summary of the series, which is expected in the autumn of 2017.

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