Kylie Jenner reveals her secret for voluminous lips


Kylie Jenner he won a huge fortune thanks to your company, make-up, and since then, it has to be highlighted, the billonaria youngest in the world.

And although his physical changes have been the target of criticism of some users, and sometimes used, the operation is in excess, the socialite decided to reveal the secret to show, for example lips bulky.

If you your Empire managed, thanks to the
make-upit was obvious that
Kylie some of the tricks, thanks to its products. On the account of Instagram for the brand, the
celeb showed a mini
tutorial for a mouth like yours.

Kylie used three make-up, a pen to give it the contour of your lips, you have, through your mouth, to him this volume effect, put your favorite lipstick and finish with a gloss to Shine and highlight.

We don’t know, if you boast only he wanted to, the results of their products, but
Kylie has the criticism received, because many assume that operated the lips and the injected botox, but you are assured that everything is