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In the decade of 1980, a journalist of war, investigated the smuggling of weapons from the United States to the citizens, plagued the Central American region. And it turns out that you have to help involved in the conflict, trying to the old man. Based on a book by the American author Joan Didion, the political thriller “The last thing He Wanted,” the family tree: the direction of Dee Rees (“Mudbound: Tears in the Fire”) and the actors Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, Rosie Perez, and Willem Dafoe in the cast. What we need is a roadmap for the most, of course.

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On the day of the Comic, you will see, the public, and Bruno Barros Nany people. The actress-trans-he was in the novel “the Seventh in the “Guardian” and the “United States” (both from Brazil), and starts a new tour with their show “TsuNany”.

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The Opinion Of The National

Also by the use of the data, the author Andresa Nice conversation with Marcelo Mansfield e Rafael Cortez on the mood in the Brazil of today.

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Wife swapping

In the fourth episode of the reality tv show, the involvement of the families in the women’s world player of the volleyball, Paula Pequeno, and the writer, with the defeat, also known as Bibi, is Dangerous —it is a source of inspiration for the character of Juliana Paes novel, “The Power of the will” (the world, in 2017).

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In The Book Of Genesis

On the run from killers, a father and his son hid in a cave. Once in the man the boy the history of his people. The station begins the time of lent with this film, 2016, is one of the most recent adaptation of the first book of the Old Testament.

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Assessment – schools-the group stage (rio de janeiro)

Directly from Rio de Janeiro, the radio transmitter, the rating of the notes of the samba is broadcasting live-schools, shown in the on Sunday (23.) and Monday (the 24th.) on the Sambódromo da Marquês de Sapucaí.

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The opening of the Cabinet

In the documentary, Darius, was born in são paulo, and Luís Abramo brings the testimonies of gay men, trans-women and drag queens, of all different age groups and strata of society. The result is a comprehensive portrait of what it is to have been born as a man and as LGBTQ+ in Brazil today, when the rights of equality are under threat.

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