Miley Cyrus, the death will be in her new music video


Miley Cyrus has always been a girl who puts her trademark on all of the pages you now with the announcement new music you draw very soon father gave opinion about your next projects. Billy Ray Cyrus blunt was the revelation that they are brand new some very “crazy”.

The former star Disneylately it has been mired in many problems of the heart, in the gossip, but all of that has helped me, in the form of inspiration in order to continue to be active within the music industry and put all of their experience in new songs you will have very happy fans.

The singer, 27 years old, has announced that he is in the process of its new hard drive and videos to represent from this is, your own deathand as would be your own funeralher father, Billy Ray Cyrussoon you discuss with US Weekly the view that the following music video her daughter was ‘ridiculous crazy‘and ‘would be very good‘.

Miley Cyrus thousands of fans are waiting for the blonde in the presence of music and the opinions about the content and concept of the video were diverse, but always waiting for the singer to return, triumphant in the music industry.

What do you think about the next video of Miley?

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