Pepe Aguilar suspects his neighbor of Kim Kardashian and The Weeknd


LOS ANGELES, California.- Pepe Aguilar was a guest in the broadcast of the Scorpion, Gold, published by the YouTube channel, in which he spoke about the urban music and their famous neighbors.

Like many of his fans know, the singer, lives in Los Angeles, California, but like all did not know, until this weekend, was that Pepe was a neighbor of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and The Weeknd.

While driving in the car through the neighborhood Aguilar, the house of the ex-boyfriend of Bella showed Hadid and assured that they have an extremely high safety against the paparazzi even have a spring check.

“A security within this property is also with safety. This cabr*n has a hut, within, here, so no-one what chingu*, because I tell you something? Here, the paparazzi are worse than the pinch*s ticks”, says the famous.

Later, he realized the house of the Kardashian-West, where they took the opportunity to tell that at the last fire, the family set opened, fire brigade, private, to prevent the fire come to your house.

On the other hand, spoke about the new generation of singers and criticized the fact that the new generations are not preparing to speak, loudly, as before.

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