Reveal, who he Kim Kardashian is really


“E! True Hollywood Story” is a production that is being cooled, each season, to the interest of the public, said in an interview, Sara Mast, Executive producer. With 17 seasons and over 500 episodes (and emissions since 1996) to present the program for the other story of the famous and celebrities. The new episodes come out every Monday in Latin America, starting today 17. February, at 22:50, E!

For Sara, each new season is a long process, in which it is evaluated, what are the themes and characters of the most renowned in popular culture: “E! always was, is on celebrities, but we want to keep, cool.”

The new deliveries of the programme, Catherine Oxenberg, Yo-Yo Frankie is Great, and Kim Kardashian, among others.

A part of this fresh is a completely new or unknown for the people. Between the characters to portray that in this new season, the famous Kim Kardashian West is: “it Is interesting with her. Many see: Kim, as the pretty face, but it is a business model that has not only built an Empire, the world as an investor, is in preparation, a lawyer will be.

I am very impressed, she is a woman, who are much smarter, what many people think. Change has also made the face of social networks and television, part of a series of a business of billions of dollars”. So is was a goal of the program “, That you can see that these celebrities, but, you see, a side that have not been seen before”.

The first delivery is Kimwith the title “Who is Kim Kardashian West?” and an analysis of their personal relationships and family (with Kanye Westhis sisters Khloé and Kourtney, Scott Disick, Farnaz Farjam Chazan, between others).

The second episode is “NXIUVM such as self-help or cult-Sexually?”, on the recruitment of women, with stories by Catherine Oxenberg, Raniere, Keith, Barbara Bouchey and Allison Mack. The series will continue with “The Hip-Hop rejects the women?”, with a Yo-Yo, Da Brat, MC Lyte and Salt-N-Pepa.

Talent. Sara Mast, senior producer of “E! True Hollywood Story”. Courtesy

As a producer Sara you are in command of a team, and each case presented: “We have a team of researchers, writers, and producers for each episode. About five reviewed data, then we are the experts on the topic. Each episode has about 4 or 5 months in pre-production. Also, we will confirm all the information, the chain and the sources”. A challenge to the vote the agenda was: “Each character has his own episode, it is very difficult, agendarlos, only agree to an interview takes a lot of work and effort”.

Since the beginning of the “E! True Hollywood Story“it was found that the public is eager to know the stories behind the famous, something that according to the experience of Mast is that a famous “it is ambitious, a version for us, we thought to ourselves, we lead a life like you. It is like a king, in a certain sense, in the United States, a version of the king’s house. At the same time, we love to see you fall, but also raised”.

With almost 25 years of episodes, “E! True Hollywood Story“this is not a record, of the famous and their professional and private life, which always come to a good end. Sara commented on one of the most important factors for careers in power in the entertainment industry: “the people who survived the reputation of an existence in the balance. Instead, narcissists use their fame to help others. The don’t understand well, on the fame, it’s about you. Many artists turn to the culture of the tabloid press, maybe this is a way to deal with it”, finished.