Salma Hayek vs Kerry Washington. What is the voltage?


The Earlier this week, the gala of the Golden Globes was characterized by a 77ª, as usual, brought some of the biggest stars in the world. Before the start of the opening ceremony shined on the red carpet were many of the stars, and you ended with that talk the best and worst of reasons).

Taking into account this fact, it would be essential this is the heading of the The fame-to-the-Minute this week, do not put it in front of two of the images, which speak.

Our theme was the top, and you have several of those that caught my attention. The two of them: the one of the Salma Hayek – it deserves a comment, Cristina Ferreira, and Kerry Washington.

Which of the two is the visual as the winner? See the gallery and let us know your views!