Shakira and the relationship you have with your nine siblings


Shakira famous worldwide for their great musical talent and is considered one of the Latin women are famous worldwide. In addition, some aspects of your life, sentimental, as his romantic relationships, we have the well-known and in the media; however, his family is little known, and believe it or not, has nine siblings and a half. Did you know?. But; who are you? what is the relationship to you?, how to share the glory of your younger sister?, only some of the questions to this topic.

Did you know that Shakira has 9 siblings by the father?

It is known that one of the major features of the Colombian is the love you have for your family and during their successful career, the barranquillera has been shaped by what is in the vicinity, with their parents Nidia Ripoll and William Mebarack.

To be, mother, their two sons (Milan and Sascha) and her partner, the footballer German Gerard Pique, are your priority. Back to the topic, your brothers, the Shakira is not posing in the rule, with you on social networks, but it is known that a good relationship. In the following, we have some data about you:

Shakira and her parents©Getty images
The singer is the only daughter of the marriage between William Mebarack and Nidia Ripoll

Robin Mebarack Otero and Moises Mebarack Otero the leads are in a relationship, which is so far away and only very little information from you.

Toni Mebarack is your right arm, you have a very close relationship that already for years part of his work on the computer and was the road manager of the Golden World Tour.has grown

Albert William Mebarack he is a lawyer and the last time you saw him, together with the pop star during a trip to Colombia at Christmas 2016.

Shakira and her brothers©Agencies
There are only a few records, graphics of all the brothers of Shakira and this photo is one of them

José Antonio Mebarack lives in the city of Miami, Florida, and it is well known, a successful entrepreneur, the links with several political leaders, presidents and executives of multinational corporations in Latin America and Europe.