the eerie carnival of Campo de Criptana


To describe “heavy: Rick you cross the border of vulgarity and kitsch. Without relevance, reflection and respect“. Is spoken the museum of Auschwitz, the follow on Twitter a million people.

The video that accompanies this hard message starts with an army of generals, SS-parade jovial mente, while there is a song by Rihanna sound. The military left the scene and give a clear view of a carriage with two chimneys of the crematorium, a Golden menorá and in the middle of a impressive and sexy Valkyrie a scepter borne, with the nazi bannerin Morocco, to the music. Cut to: a handful of young people in traditional costume with a sleep suit custom with slides and purpurinas striped, while the party goes on.

According to the official document “PARADE OF REGIONAL CARNIVAL 2020 – CAMPO DE CRIPTANA”, nobody between the 120 extras added to this show with the title “HOLACAUSTO” (sic) found out, that the chosen theme could lead to a kind of controversy. The family of these participants or a thousand people long, it will be appreciated that in some form at these events. The cultural Association El Chaparral from the tables in The poolbecome , the day after the celebration in the center of all the criticism and rejection of the Internet users in the recording of the show.

Although Santiago Lazaro, the mayor of this village, has not considered that the proposal has been registered, as a tribute to the victims, it is true that the show has created, with much success, this idea. The German army shows, like victorious both the animation of the participants as well as by the size and the glorification of his icons at the top of the car. With the dance of the girls, the young, the relaxed and enjoy the water -, mineral -, or figure, mobile phone is made by two paisanas la mancha pray “HOLOCAUST AC CHAPARRAL”, the sad fate of the Jews is in no way trivializes.

According to the average Weekly spot, which has asked edil “apologies to those who were able to, if you are offendedalthough , as in other similar cases, questions, up where the limits of freedom of expression“. The Embassy of Israel in Spain has already shown, to do his condemnation mockery of six million Jews by the nazis“”. On the page of Facebook of the cultural Association can be involved, such as on the back of one of the carriages, one could read: “in memory of the six million men, women and children to the Jews in the Holocaust who died” and those who have suffered “the persecution and extermination because of their race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic origin or political ideas”.

Even though a video is already deleted, the performance went hand-in-hand with the introduction of doses of smoke, so he added a greater similarity with the life of the victims of the nazi genocide.

The timing has also been not the best: in this carnival there is a parade of nazi, although it is Aalst, the move of the Belgian city. Here, the tone was clearly anti-Semitic: he painted the Jews as caricatures noses ganchudas and gigantic hats, Orthodox, accompanied by rats and stacks of money. In the previous year, the Unesco had already removed this event from the list of the Intangible cultural heritage through the “recurring presentations, the racist and anti-Semitic”, but now many fear it’s only the beginning of a new wave of anti-Semitism she had left behind.