The ineffective measures that bear some celebrities against the Coronavirus


The coronavirus arrived in 47 countries with 83,652 cases around the world, and have been registered 2,858 deaths. This has led to a shopping of panic in Mexico. Article as a disinfectant for the household, as well as cubrebocas N95 disappeared from the shelves in just a few minutes.

This is what some celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Kate Hudson and more have been taken and their precautions to avoid infecting, and have uses this type of masksand even have witnesses shared photos with these materials in flight.

Gwyneth Paltrow shared a picture of her on an international flight, ready for sleeping with a mask for the eyes and a neck cloth.

“On the way to Paris. As paranoid? What is smart? Like in a panic? How To Plácido? What is a pandemic? What Propaganda is? Paltrow is to only go forward and sleep with this thing on the plane. I have already in this film. Stay safe. Not of the hand. Wash your hands frequently,” he wrote in his release of Instagram.

Also, Bella Hadid, Brody Jenner and Kate Hudson exchanged photos of themselves in planes with face masks. “Travel. 2020,” wrote the actress on the emoji with a face of worried.

While Selena Gomez traveled with his mother to Chicago, and that was the point where the use of a mask, a little different.

“Mom and I, we are tourists. You take excellent photos. OH, and we were CrimeCon! I love you I love Chicago and the bean,” he described.

However, according to this is not necessary and can even be dangeroussince you can’t have desabasto these materials, for those who really need it, like people who is actually sick, or doctors are under consideration of these cases.

Use cubrebocas not to be used for the prevention of infection

There is no way that the use of this material were negative for the person; you will not but also helps a lot to prevent the disease.

Therefore, their use is recommended to people who are sick, as this prevents the saliva from an infected person is passed on, through a variety of surfaces, and also the people.

After The center for disease control (CDC, for its acronym in English) is the best way to keep in front of the contagion is a perfect hygiene. Wash hands, avoid touching your face and avoid contact with people who are infected.

The goal is a disinfectants such as Lysol and Clorox, in one of his lectures that have been recommended for cleaning of surfacesalthough it was not demonstrated that they are effective, completely.

The confirmation for the first two cases, four, of coronavirus in Mexico sparked the concern of the whole society. This message led to the adoption of a number of strategies for the control of infection, how to avoid physical contact and cleaning to the extreme, what is in a couple of hours of the conclusion with cubrebocas disinfectant, such as Lysol, gel anti-bacterial wipes.

Both in Mexico city than in Culiacán, cities of Mexico, where the two men get infected (the first case), pharmacies and shops reported that they do not more about the objects, cloth to cover the nozzles.

Since the Secretary of state prevention and health promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell Ramírez, confirmed that a man and 35 years, began in Mexico city and 41 in Sinaloa a positive impact on the COVID 19 acquisition of panic.

On a tour through the municipalities of Azcapotzalco and Coyoacan, to the North and to the South of the capital of the country, respectively, was able to confirm that, in many stores, not on the cubrebocas, while in the super markets, there is also a low-products to strengthen, to the household cleaning, as a disinfectant (Lysol), gel anti-bacterial wipes.

In social networks videos of people, has been shared hundreds of these products bought and fought to take home.