The seven-times-classics on the screen in 2020


‘Charlatan’, in Agnieska Holland

Rodrigo Fonseca
Replaced by a schedule, the dog that ran away from the obviedades, without slipping in the dirty water of the mission, the screen 70 no Evil”, by the Iranian Mohammad Rasoulof goodbye ended on Saturday with the victory of “There is, so that a longing, in a number of countries, the focus on the seven cases on the following:
Return to the top of the Polish Agnieszka Hollandonce on a road close to a decade in films without any service, and went with the German festival of its comfort zone with the drama, “charlatan”, and a practitioner in the Czech Republic is patrolled by the Nazis for persecution and prejudice, homophobia;
It is a tribute to the actress in English Helen Mirrenin the speech she made to a defense of the films of this genre, raise the ball to the partner, “the Fast and the Furious”, Vin Diesel is the one who sets it as the star king.
A surprise in the Greek Film “Digger”by Georgis Grigorakis. In the manufacture of quiet, Greece, this is the drama of the sap policy, has one of the productions that will be missed most, of the section of the image. In a sad tone and tragic, decleór for the attachment of the reflective Thodoris Karvelas, this is a drama about a sound that melts in the air for its lack of dialectics to the social part of the landslide, in the region where it is located on a small farm… with a cabaninha. Your own witnesses (Vangelis Mourikis) is bound to the modorra of the time, in this place, the mud, and by the time your filgo, he returns after 20-year absence to collect the heritage of the mother. But the situation is already tense between the two of them, it is worse in the presence of a developer who wants to get a hold of the place. In this story, which Sophocles in the hands of Karl Marx, a study of the erosion of the stars;
The discourse on the beautiful and the fire and brimstone of the resilience of the company’s Sara Silveira if you are talking about the government and current conflicts in the class in the movie, the blows at the press conference of “the dead”, by Caetano Gotardo and Marco Dutra, who tore it from Clarissa crate an interpretation of the spirit, in the midst of a plural-wave-of-action-for their own benefit. In the scene, Mawusi Tulani, Carolina Bianchi, Alaíde Costa, Thaia Perez, Andrea Marquee, Gilda Nomacce, and Leonor Silveira, and give them a voice in the exercise of the Sisterhood in Brazil, the end of slavery
The victory in Brazil “Hello, My Name Is Jesus”by Caru Alves de Souza, the relevance of discussions on gender identity, as he qualified for his vitudes techniques to the memory, the aesthetics of the First fight in the consolidation, a chronicle of the youth of the world of skateboarding and maturation;
– The wide range of intelligence Salma Hayek he was at the press conference of the “roads Not Taken”, when talking about the dimension of the poetry of the Spanish-language production, with aromas of Hollywood, directed by Sally Potter;
The shutter is careful to hurt you The “Police”from Anne Fontaine to the input of the universe of the watch, the lights from the conflict of affection between the three law enforcement agencies in the conduct of an illegal immigrant from the country, now haunted by the Ghost of the third pillar. The charisma of Omar Sy in the pants to the dialogue, people long for your company, your colleagues from the scene, Virginie Efira, for a finale.