The underwear collection of Kim Kardashian Skims


Kim Kardashian posing in lingerie and defends the body

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Kim Kardashian posing in lingerie and defends the body “not perfect”: PHOTO

Kim kardashian caused a sensation, with your recent photos in your underwear shared your account of Instagram, and about the impact on your images, it has managed to viralizar, the Queen of the reality shows is, by a message in a big, respect, courage and love for the different types of bodies.

The wife of Kanye West to promote their new line of underwear, designed to all types of women, will be shaped by the hand of your brand, defend the beauty of all the lens.

And there is no doubt that Kim is one of the large business female Hollywood are, and lead your line “SKIMS” a step further this week with the announcement of the new collection SKIMS Naked. The announcement of the star of the pantala girls about their new online presence, just a week before the planned release of the collection is scheduled for Monday, 24.

According to their Instagram collection and SKIMS Naked is with “intimate hardly with innovative designs and fabrics for performance level”. Parts of the collection are 31 cup sizes and band, each available in five different colours.

In his announcement of the new product line, Kim a photo in your personal account Instagram, as well as on the official Instagram of SKIMS, where he shows, sitting on the hood of the car with parts of the collection SKIMS Naked released.

After the publication of SKIMS, the wife of West Everyday Plunge Bralette and High-Waisted Thong “of the new line models”, what excites the passions.

Posing on parts of the line your brand is something that the most famous of the Kardashian makes routinely.

Prior to the announcement of the new collection SKIMS Naked, West posed next to three models to advertising a gift Valentine’s day gift of SKIMS on Instagram.

The mission of SKIMS is to create “sashes that really work. To improve designed, to smooth, to formulate and streamline: each piece has a solution for every body”.

Not only are the available products of the line cured to different parts of the body, but also the models selected for the representation of SKIMS, representatives of the mission of SKIMS are provide belts in all shapes and sizes.
In addition to the belts, SKIMS also skirts and other clothing, offers intimate, everything that follows to celebrate the mission of the company, any type of body.

The brand promotes to remain healthy, with several publications, the dance on the Instagram of the company.