WEEK 20: “High”, I am talking to the doll: “I’m hurt, crying, and is not rich”


Since the departure of Bianca Andrade, the relationship between I and William is one of the best climates. To speak to a confrontation with the law for various charges, far cry, and cry, and the two went back and even with the distance that may be touched, and the two have tried to approach this on Wednesday (the 26th).

However, if you drink at the Party, the leader, Rafael, I came up with a crisis in your relationship, and you cried along with the puppet Pitchulo of the WEEK. Drunk sister chose to stay on the inside of the house.

“I don’t want to feel jealous of you because I am you…. Promise me that you will not abandon me? If I was poor, lonely, want to kiss, you will be here?” from he asked the sister, in tears.

++ WEEK 20: “we have nothing else, and you get hurt in the game,” says Guillaume about I

The sister continued to whine for a long time, and did the questions, and I was all alone: “Pitchulo how much it hurts to love someone. I like it very much docê. Stay with me, please.” I don’t want to be left alone, and I know that you suffer from a true man of the law, and not to me. I know that I am, to hurt, to cry, and is not rich”.

The interaction of the singer with the ship, through which the reaction in the well, who has the hashtag #festabbb in the list of the most discussed topics on Twitter:

Although a lot of people like the romance of the blonde, with William, the other users of the Internet indicate that I was going to do the OT (scene, camera) at this time, the only thing that bothers a part of the General public. It will be that the performance of the system, the novel engages from time to time?

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