Abdomen in the air: Kylie Jenner the secret of her pregnancy on Instagram, reminds,


Instagram was have used the platform Kylie Jenner in order to show, with a photo of your pregnancy, just two years after the birth of her daughter Stormi.

The pregnancy of the minor clan Kardashian-Jenner was a mystery to the press of pink in his time, the always suspected, due to the baggy clothes I wore, the entrepreneur, came in this moment the rapper Travis Scott.

To know two years later, and without Travis Scott as a partner of a millionaire, the first picture with his belly in the air.

“Oh, Kim, the white heart! Or I’m late? I’ve waited all these years,” wrote Jenner, in a post, where shimmers of your pregnancy.

A pregnancy secret

Prior to the birth of the little Stormi, the young entrepreneur disappeared from the public scene for a few long months.

A time of silence, was dampened by the news of her sisters, to talk about the always gave.

The reason for the decision was to relax and enjoy the pregnancy go quietly to the well-being of the baby, he was on the way.

The founder of the company beauty Kylie Cosmetics insured, in an interview with the media, she felt not ready for the announcement of her pregnancy.

“During the pregnancy I had very well and I feel that is the real reason why Stormi is so calm and so happy. It’s because I’m very quiet,” said Jenner.

Thousands of portfolios

In another publication on Instagram, Kylie a set of the red part, the breath wore his pendant. What struck even more was the amount of the portfolio, the saw background.