All 10 of the movies of Angelina Jolie Fan favorites


One of the biggest movie stars in the present day, Angelina Jolie it can be seen in theaters now in the rule-block in the Maleficent: the mistress of Evilcontinued success in the year 2014. Live at the witch in the flesh, and the bone-in movie theater was always a dream of the actress, what are your favorite movies The Sleeping Beauty (1959), the animation classics of Disney.

After you have achieved your dream, and reaped the rewards, at the muse returns for another round in the sequel. In addition to being one of the stars of the most well-paid nowadays, and it is necessary, therefore, to be cost-effective to be as well), and in close collaboration with the mighty Marvel-star in the upcoming The Eternal (2020), Diamond there are two statues, Oscar award by decorating your house with a as an actress for a Girl, Interrupted (2000), and a humanitarian award (in addition to the nomination as lead actress for the The Exchange, 2009).

With this in mind, and as a way to pay homage to this great American actress, Director, producer and humanitarian aid, the Cinépop he decided to create a new list of the best movies Angelina Jolie. However, this is not a list either, it’s a list of the movies of the actress’s favorite, in the opinion of the fans of the film. Without further ADO, have a look at.

Critical | Maleficent: the mistress of Evil – Angelina Jolie is a powerful fantasy, gorgeous

To 10) trial by fire (1997)

You take the time to see it:

We started with a production of made-for-TV-3 hours in length. In this time, Angelina Jolie it was not a well-known actress. On a book is based Real Womenin the title, is about a journey of nearly 50 years, the emancipation of women, strong, empowered – from the revolution in the old West, until the start of the women’s suffrage movement.

09 | The Good Shepherd (2006)

Here Diamond it was already a big name in the industry, while their presence in the production – as well as the duration is extended, with close to 3 hours of projection and can only be seen in a special appearance. Who is to be in the limelight as the main character Matt Damonin the skin of the responsible for the creation of the central intelligence agency, the Agency of Central intelligence of the United States. The feature marks the second effort is in the direction of the actor Robert De Nirowhat it has in the squad. Jolie lives with the wife of the main character.

08 | The Bone Collector (1999)

In the same year, he delivered his performance in the academy award-winning, Diamond if it was a star, and the co-protagonizava this is a thriller in every respect. Based on the book by detetivesco Jeffrey Deaveran expert in thrillers, investigative, Jolie is married to the man, the Denzel Washington in the shoes of the police officers hunting a serial killer. Although the ending is weak, the book has a good pace, good acting, and an atmosphere that is cold.

07 | Wanted (2008)

Before new york The Eternalwhich will be published next year by Marvel Angelina Jolie I had already completed, an adaptation of the COMICS to the big screen – and even shown his face at work. A less well-known to the public is Life it is a graphic novel, the adults, a topic that often uncovering the heir to a clan of assassins in secret. The protagonist is carried out by the James McAvoyand Jolie plays his stunning, live on the site. Morgan Freeman full trio master of the beast.

06 Heart In Love (1998)

The goes back to the time Diamond it was not exactly a face is recognizable, he or she is a part of a large ensemble cast that shares the short stories on relationships, love and in this drama, come from the heart. In a subplot to the show, it is on par with Ryan Phillippeas a young woman, who know each other and start a relationship, also. The film also contains one of the last performances by the sacred monster Sean Connery before his retirement, so that a few with the Ellen Burstyn.

05 | Maleficent: the mistress of Evil (2019)

The most recent film in the star strongest is published currently in cinemas worldwide sales a lot of money. The film is currently in the process of overcoming the barrier of 100 million US dollars in the USA and in the world, has more than US$430 million, less than a month left in the wall. While it may be the opinion of the critics divided, it is safe to say that in the second round. Diamond in the skin of a shark The future it was such a hit with the fans.

Critical 2 | Maleficent: the mistress of the misunderstood, The Beautiful, Wake up, and the audience falls asleep

04 | strategy: the glory and destruction (1998)

In the production of the TV CHANNELS the full power potential of the can as in the film, which showed, for the first time, Angelina Jolie. A biographical drama that he was acting, the stars, the book tells the story of success, and the demise of the Italian-American Gia Carangi (Jolie), the, addicted to drugs, he died at the age of 26 years with hiv / AIDS. While it may not be a similarity with the strategy of the real Jolie plays such a great job here.

03 | Wicked (2014)

Regardless of whether you liked it or not, the end result of this film, the fact is indisputable is the performance of the Angelina Jolie in the title role. If you were published the first images of the star on the skin of the house, we knew that this point would be nothing less than perfection. And the actress ‘ delivery. The characterization of the main character, is one of the strong points of this fairy tale in a live-action.

02 | Girl, Interrupted (1999)

The Deputy head of the movies Angelina Jolie the darling of the fans, it is the work, the estimate he won his only academy award for acting – the why of the star. As a Supplement to the Winona Ryder, The diamond sparkles, and he steals many of the scenes, in the role of the espevitada Lisa, a young woman, locked up in a psychiatric clinic for the women, the a long and based on a book of the Susanna Kaysen (on his real-life experiences).

01 | The Return (2008)

It is so beautiful, if, in the opinion of the General chat with us. In line with the thinking of the General, shows the quality of true, in a massive work, or for a company. In the case of a Angelina Joliethe Greeks and the Trojans, can confirm The Exchangethe veteran Clint Eastwoodas for his best film. A work of power, based on a true story, the film brings out the diamonds in the two of you in your time of greatest weakness and strength on the screen. In the movie they live Christine Collinsa mother desperate to find his little boy is gone, in this traumatic journey, and pop with the corrupt police in Los Angeles in the 1920s must still. Take Your Breath Away!!!


The trilogy, Kung Fu Panda (2008, 2011, and 2016)will be held

The animation from Dreamworks is very loved by the fans of the genre. And it is one of the franchises that are at the top of the list, appreciate it Kung-Fu Panda.. The history of the fat and lazy panda Po (voice of the Black in the original,) he mixed the two elements that the audience loves: martial arts (and Asian culture), and the journey of the hero is the average guy who finds himself the chosen one). In all three films Angelina Jolie assists in the lending of his voice to the character of tigress, one of the masters, the track-she is the main character.

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