Chris Evans, starring in the musical remake of Little Shop of Horrors


The rumors were true. Chris Evans takes a leading role in the remake of ” Little Shop of Horrors, a musical with songs by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman.

Photo: Getty Images / AdoroCinema

The The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that it’s Orin Scrivello, the dentist from the army, and your friend is offensive to the main-protagonist of the story, Sure. The latest news is that the actor, the messages shared in social networks, with a smile, the teeth. You need more confirmation?

Little Shop of Horrors (the original version) comes with Seymour, a shy florist, whose whole life changes when you fly trap caring for a venus, and to be the driver, which required fed with the flesh of the people. Already, the remake is directed by Greg Berlanti (With love to Simon; producer of the arrow and verses), you have to live Billy Porter as the voice of the plant, while Taron Egerton, and Scarlett Johansson, who negotiate for a living, Seymour and Audrey., or

In the film, and Frank Oz in 1986, Steve Martin played the villain in It. And here is their version of the famous Songs from the review is, “the dentist”:



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