Developer Apex legends claimed Fortnite copy skina? “Somewhere ever seen”


One of the developers of Apex Legends in his Twitter spoke directly to Fortnite, – quotes the message about the new skin in the Shop.

Although Apex developer-legend repeatedly referred to the fact that life with Epic Games in the agreement and often even to play in Fortnite, it’s hard not to notice the fact of the small bite on the part of the signatories on the Respawn Entertainment.

Here is the entry on Twitter, quoting the new skina with Fortnite with a popisem “somewhere before seen”.

Skin with Apex Legends?

One of the animators Respawn is responsible for the Animation, what I have seen somewhere one of the characters.

“I have the feeling that somewhere already heard about this guy, but I can’t tell you where.”

The question is, of course, one of the legends in the Apex Legends. Crypto should be similar to the skin, was recently in Fortnite.

The players themselves say that such examples and more. Although working in the opposite direction. In the example below.

You can not clearly determine, whether in fact