find out what Globe films, shows the presence (2/03)


The Globo TV Network-shows, show-02/03/2020], the owl, the 1h21, film Serena. Then, the 2h44, it is the long-Made-In-China.


In 1929, George Pemberton and Serena Pemberton decide to go from Boston to North Carolina, to build an Empire in the area of the wood. If you find that it is able to manifest feelings of revenge against a woman begin with George, a child born out of wedlock before the wedding had. It is believed that every time starts to become more and more of your husband’s relationship with this other family, and the most intense Union of the two, to destroy it.

Title The Original: Serena
The castJennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Sean Harris, Toby Jones, Blake Ritschel, Rhys Ifans
The Direction Of TheSusanne Bier
NationalityAmerican, French, German, Czech
The genre: Drama


Generator the sale of the house in St. George, which belongs to the Arabic of his Nazir, and not to help trying to lose the owner, your clientele to the house of the dragon, newly opened by the Chinese, among others. With the help of a co-worker, and a faithful squire of success, and Charles Edward, his friend, Francis, investigate the competition and try to uncover why the Chinese goods are the cheapest of the forest.

Title The Original: Made-in-China
The cast: Regina Case And Juliana Alves, Otavio Augusto Xande De Pilares, Tony Lee
The Direction Of The: Estevão Ciavatta Pantoja
Nationality: Brazil
The genre: Comedy