Geisy Arruda, put up a photo, with the look of the plaid, and joked: “the good life, but it is my wine.”


Geisy Arruda
Geisy Arruda (Playback/Instagram)

Geisy Arruda is not for you! The muse that lives up to the web, he decided, at his pleasure, and this time with a look at chess, it is hot and fat, you took a set in the mail.

“It’s a good life, but it is better for the wine,” I said to Fernando Pessoa”he wrote in the caption. All fans and admirers of the model is that not all of it, surrounded what with the beauty of love and praise.

“Lord, but in this perfection it is, it was my dream, a woman I said care, love and protection” and “full Breasts, and luscious for my father”, “the most beautiful thing in the kinha life, is the successor of Geisy.

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You see, Geisy Arruda says that, just like men, they don’t brocham

It is worth noting that recently, the well-known has said, you’ve made a fetish, videos porn home, but excluded the possibility of the production of erotic films. I like the sex, to do, talk to them, and this is the reason why I published a book with erotic stories, and I’m not in search of a second. And not to be an actress, porn is not my thing”she said. ā€œI’m going to continue to be made with my own home videos (and is a favorite of mine, which makes me very good with my future boyfriendā€œ he says the writer.