Katy Perry: do you have in mind a slice of Justin Bieber? | Music


In October, 2018 Katy Perry with the hype, and platinum, which was not among its immediate plans, the recording of a new Studio album after what happened with his predecessor: Witness. The soloist at the California festival this year celebrates the 10-year anniversary of a career full of successes, but also with an agenda.

“I relax on the road something like ten years, so that I me to. I don’t think to run, a different disk. I feel that I have done enough. I feel like I have to be touching the bell “, a pop-star is very strong and for that I am grateful. I love to make music and compose, but I don’t want to be part of the party, never more. I just feel an artist. I have nothing to prove and that’s a feeling, very liberating,” he explained to her the day of the interpreter.

But one thing, the words and the inspiration by all the things that have passed in your life. Among them, the love, the broke up in February of 2017. After a few years of relationship with Orlando Bloom the partners to commit to the spark that has led to you,… ” have I Not, this story sounds?

The differences, of course, but it is something similar to what happened to Justin Bieber. The canadian musician seems to have found, to follow the calm and composure required, to his wife, to his musical career, away from any kind of polemics. And the result is a hard drive is, how Changes in these feelings, which can only reach the love (regardless of gender or sexual state).

And when we published a look at the latest singles, Katy Perry, the idea fits. Eye, we are not saying that this is the only way. Of course, the love and lack of love to move, a large part of the songs and music of all the artists, but the design is from disc to disc mode diary is something very in fashion in the last few years.

With Never really over”, the Californian reelaboró the song Love you like that. A theme that tells us of a lost love, but a new opportunity. The question is, prior to coming, and it is the song, to accept that the things that happen in the past are the ones you have, up to the point in which you find yourself, and look to the future.

Later came the turn of Small Talk, playing alongside Johan Carlsson, Charlie Puth, and Jacob Kasher Hindlin. Johan Carlsson and Charlie Puth occur of the song with Peter Karlsson produced the votes. The song can’t be clearer: a partner who did not know that you will love and will be back to the status of ‘strangers’, if the relationship breaks up and the conversations are trivial. What car is autobiographical? From then on, it seems so…

And so we get on Harleys in Hawaii, is proof that if you Katy Perry has in mind, a hard drive, to Justin Bieber, what you can create. An autobiographical story of how you realized: “I was recording American Idol and the whole world would go to Hawaii, and I died to a round on a Harley copn Orlando. We spent a few days there and you know, she mounted a motorcycle and the wind was in the face it is very beautiful and amazing. I can describe to do the exact moment in which the folds a corner on the island of Oahu and I came up with a song.”

A few months ago he made it clear that his intention was still not to publish the album “but Yes, I will continue to write songs and go into the studio. I have a couple of songs that I love, and I’m excited that we are now in the very near future. And when the body calls for me to a disk…”.

The sixth studio album by Katy Perry is still a mystery, but the family seems to have left us, some pieces of music of what is expected of us, and each of his publications in social networks (holidays, wedding preparations, congratulations on your half-orange, celebration, commitment,…) about Orlando Bloom, as we played a crucial role in the help in your depression.

“I had had episodes of momentary bout of depression, I have broken the heart, in the last year, because, without it, a lot of emphasis on the reaction of the audience, and he did not respond, as I had expected. My heart broke. The music is what I love, and I believe that the universe said to me: ‘Okay, you say, to love everything about each other, to be yourself and authentic, but we will do another test and let you without validation. To test how much you you really. I went to therapy, by multiple processes, and ingestion of medicinal plants And… I had a colleague who helped me to find this balance, Orlando, she was also on her own spiritual journey. He was wide, embraced me and the feeling of reality. He is not the number 1 fan of Katy Perry, but yeah, it’s the number one fan of Katheryn Hudson”.

Oh, Yummy!