Kevin Trapp is a surgery on the shoulder, and is grateful for the affection of the fans, The


Kevin Trapp (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

A goalkeeper at Eintracht Frankfurt, and best of all Izabel Goulart, Kevin Trapp the use of the social networks on Friday (4), to thank you for the positive messages he has received from fans on Instagram. He had surgery on his shoulder after suffering an injury.

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“There were difficult days, but the Operation took place. Thanks for all the nice messages and wishes for improvements. From now on, only positive thoughts, and I look forward to my recovery,” he said. Kevin and Elizabeth announced their engagement in July 2018 at the latest.

Kevin Trapp (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Izabel Goulart is a surprise for Kevin Trapp (photo: playback/Instagram)

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