Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott super Flirty on Instagram were


Of these romantic publications, the fans are convinced that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott again romance!

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Kylie is freaked out her fans with their latest releases on Instagram, the young entrepreneur shared some photos throwback in addition to Travis on the stories from your profile.

The photos are, if they started their relationship and were in the stage of honeymoon, Kylie and Travis had a game of the Houston Rockets in may 2017, but what are the attention of fans, was the caption, and put it on the photos: “It is a state of mind“.

The fans began to think that Kylie and Travis had a second chance:

  • Please tell me you are back together.”
  • “Are they back together”.
  • “I am convinced that you are together again“.

But that’s not all, the Mediterranean Hollywood Life reported that Travis was shocked with the look-color of honey Kylie wore for Valentine’s day:

Travis is accustomed to seeing Kylie change your hair all the time and he thinks that she always looks beautiful, no matter what happens. But this color is more clear, it is unlike anything that has been seen before and really loves. Travis, Kylie, with the hair plated with gold or platinum in the past has seen, but this is a smoother look, which she really loves.

Travis thinks that this new look is so loves to sexy Kylie. Travis has always been very flattering with Kylie, but now only “spend all the time, but not officially together in this situation”, it seems more finished“.

Do you believe that Travis you are more in love, the never Kylie?, how is your relationship?

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