Kylie Jenner, Kim and Khloé Kardashian are fans of Shakira and so what to show


Shakira and Jennifer Lopez have made history with their appearance in the halftime break of the Super Bowl in 2020, and to vibrate while the Latin did, the people close to him on Sunday, the 2. February to the Hard Rock stage in Miami, Florida, in the social networks there was a wave of praise for the two-star hotel.

Especially with some of the members of the clan Kardashian-Jenner made very clear that there are big fans of artists in Colombia, who met on the same day, 43 years of age.

Kim Kardashian he used his Twitter account to share your amazement about the beauty of Shakira and wrote: “OMG @shakira She looks so beautiful!” he said.

In another tweet the socialite, who is the girlfriend of JLo, did not hesitate to congratulate both artists for the great show you gave. “We closed really! Congratulations to this incredible SuperBowl Halftime Show,” he added.

Like Kim, his sister Khloé Kardashianalso, it is shown how a fan of a woman of Gerard Piqué and he realized that it was unmatched beauty and talent.

“OMG. I’m in love with Shakira! Your body and dance!”, Khloé wrote, accompanied by several emojis heart.

In addition, the entrepreneur has used the social network to Express their opinion on the show for the latinas. “Oh, Shakira and JLo made incredible live performances, in my opinion! But we can’t talk about how both of these women are aging at all! I am fascinated by the dance and theatre performances. Congratulations!”, expressed.

For his part, the youngest Kardashian, Kylie Jennershe shared videos of some moments of the presentation of Shak on the section of stories on Instagram.

“She looks great”, was a phrase that the concentrated us the image that is observed, the screen of your TV during the halftime at the Super Bowl.

Kylie Jenner just Shakira in the Super Bowl in 2020
Photo: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Other celeb the wave of attention came was Lady Gagawho took in the half-time break of the Super Bowl in 2017. With a tweet the singer showed her admiration for Shakira, JLo, in recognition of the great work that you have carried out.

“JLo and Shakira, all the guests were so incredible. What a fun spectacle half the time. I danced and I smiled the whole time. What powerful women are sexy! In camera and outside. I love beautiful women sexy with talent!”, the interpreter, “Shallow wrote”.

The show the Super Bowl LIV is a waste of sabor latino was and took a lot of talking, but certainly something that was in the time of the viral night, as Shakira, in the middle of his presentation, stretched out the tongue out in front of the cameras and uttered a cry, the confused part of the public.

This gesture, the quick-thousands of reactions on the part of the media, partly mocking produced, but what many don’t know is that the movement of the tongue of Shakira, is a tribute to more of the artist to their home city of Barranquilla, and especially to the carnival.

The gesture is part of the dance “Are Black”, from the municipality of Santa Lucia, the Atlantic, the Department, of which Barranquilla is the capital.


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