Luke: “the song says, to his advice to ask on Luciana Gimenez for a special 20/02/2020


Lucas Jagger he made his debut on the runway last Sunday (the 16th). The son of a Luciana Gimenez and Mick Jagger it was one of the highlights of the presentation, created by the American, Tommy Hilfiger, and covered you Matheus Mazzafera You asked for advice for the mom-to-debut-in the world of fashion.

“Last year I watched much of the show. I call on the Council, the gateway for my mother and a couple of friends here,” said the young man, 20 years old, in an interview on the channel of the youtuber. Luke went to the side of the sister, the father, Georgia May Jagger.

The Model Alessandra Ambrosio he also participated in the discussion with Mazzafera and his. The son by Luciana Gimenez, quipped that if the top-errasse no one would pay attention to you, but the treatment would be different for him

“I was very nervous, not because I noticed it, where I had to go, and if you delete it, or you go to the wrong place, no one goes with you to fight (relative to Alessandra Ambrosio). Now I’m start, I’m f*** if you drop it, or you go on the wrong side. I’m going to follow the person in front of me”.

Lucas, who now lives in New York city, where he studied the art, it is also remembered that his mother carry him too young to play with the children of Janice in the apartment of the model.

“She has seen me grow. Did you know that you came said Hello to me in the backstage area, a friend of mine to ask me, ” wow, how do you know her?'”, Luke said silently to herself, smiling, and Janice said

“I was at the house of linda, they were still a little baby. The woman also had to play Luke as a child with my children at home. Now, it’s’ tia Alê'”.