Oh, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will give you a tour of his villa!


The new edition of the popular magazine for architecture, ‘Arch digest’a few more couples in the media, in the entertainment industry, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian lead his followers, the luxurious, minimalist villa in California.

The angelina property with a value of more than $ 20 million, was the house of the couple Kardashian – West, starting in 2017 and although it can be a little about the famous reality ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians‘it was not until today that the prominent rapper they showed their luxury houseaccording to you, more details and the essence of the family.

Due to the guest appearance of his property in the journal AD, Kim Kardashian took to her twitter to show account, some of the photos were, for the publication of the American. Oh, Czech, how does the house of the couple Kardashian – West on the inside!

The sights of the luxurious villa minimalist

Kim and Kanye, or better said, how the own interpreter ‘Closed on Sunday’ in the rule name ‘Kimye’used your way through the magazine of architecture, a dynamic of ‘questions and answers’, in the well-known different aspects of your private life. For example, the largest of the Kardashian clan showed that although there is a large pool, in the time that you wear and you live in Los Angeles, never usedwhat caused that was a big surprise to the West, what the socialite replied that you always wanted a hot tub, but Kanye took not be installed because broke with the style of the house.

Kim pointed out that both his life as well as your man are full of disaster and controversybecause of what media are, however, the arrival to her house and to see the ‘simplicity’ of this, the celebrities sitting quietly. To do, in spite of eccentricities to your home, ‘Kimye’ opted for sticking to their taste and inspiration family to create a house, simple, but warm, in the every member of the family enjoys.