Oh, Kylie Jenner extended! Be filtered new records for the brand


One of the billonarias more young people to the world, Kylie Jenner, are planning to expand your Empire of beauty through festivals and conventions. According to the website Daily Mailthe socialite is in the process of registration of three new brands: ‘Kylie With’, ‘Kylie Kon’, and ‘Kylie Museum’ to begin, make use of this in the future.

The last movements of the economy of the smaller clan, Jenner remained exposed to Josh Gerben, a specialist in patents, via its official twitter account in which he the ex-partner of Travis Scott registered these brands in the past, 09. January. Similarly, the expression that is already an event planned, who knows whether they are running under the name “Kylie Kon’ or ‘Kylie With’.

The extension of the Kingdom of Jenner

According to the documents, the tanning, the records of Kylie include exhibitions, workshops, courses, interactive exercises, as well as the production of clothing and accessories for adults, children and infants. In terms of ‘Kylie Museum’, it is estimated that in these conferences and workshops, celebrities have an exclusive space for the exhibition of their products from beauty, as in a museum.

Although the procedure is already almost done, what really shocked the followers of the young entrepreneur is the price of the tickets for future events, because many have begun to compare with Gwyneth Paltrow, who also talks of beauty and the cost of entry in this range from the thousands of us dollar (admission) up to two thousand five hundred dollars, VIP passes).

No doubt, the small clan Kardashian – Jenner, the year has started with the right foot, now just have to wait until this the official announcement for your next project click, to witness the expansion of the Empire.