Owl offers Serene in the second



In the second (02), to 0h50, the The World the Film shows Serena in the first session of the Owl. The film from Susanne bier is in the lead role of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

In 1929, a young couple, George and Serena Pemberton plan to mount it in a wood. But de la Serna is not known, as he has a child, the young Rachel Harmon. So, if you find out, is to kill that it is not a mother, and a young woman, the child of the husband.

Technical Data Sheet

The Title Of The Original: Serena
Country of origin: The American, French, German, Czech
Year of production: 2014
Director: Susanne Beer
The cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Sean Harris, Toby Jones, Blake Ritschel, Rhys Ifans
Class: The Drama
The plot: George and Serena wants to build an Empire in the area of the wood. To find out who she is barren, she wants to get revenge on a woman he had an illegitimate child.

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