Rihanna infatuated with its latest lingerie-high


Rihanna a woman is multi-faceted. After a symbol of world music by the singer he decided his luck in other facets.

In addition, guest appearances and smaller roles in films, which ruled Barbados for entry into the world of fashion with creating your own lingerie brand.

It is ‘Savage x-Code‘no doubt, afford the image to make it public importance.

The last example, if the singer was a few days ago, wore one of the sexy sets and hung it in your account of Instagram.

Bra, panties and stockings in purpleelected to play with the hair colour for the occasion.

A few days ago Rihanna has been in the news for their possible relationship with Drake. Both have the alarm among his fans after his recent meeting.

Rihanna and Drake make alarm, what is reconciliation in sight?

Many fans are speculating about a reconciliation between the two is, you know, also, that the Barbados a single is after the rupture of his relationship with the billionaire Hassan Jameelwho three years ago was continued, which to an end recently.

The former spouses enjoyed the evening separated by less than one meter, without closer to each other. Although neither of the two refused to put up with some of his fans to immortalize the moment. This meeting takes place after the ending of a relationship is blinking, he is just too good.

“We have a friendship now, but we also have enemies. It is what it is”said Drake when the opportunity to see that your contact was equal to zero.