Salma Hayek is a cause of controversy with a photo montage


Salma Hayek is a cause of controversy with the photo-collage - reproduction/Instagram

Salma Hayek caused a controversy on Instagram by a photo of the installation at the last supper is a passage in the New Testament of the Bible, and to celebrate his 12 million followers on this social network.

The image is divided, as some fans felt that it was insensitive in the Catholic religion as a subject.

In this photo, Salma sits on the side of Jesus Christ, and it is surrounded by the 12 apostles.

“I’m super grateful,” said the actress about the number of followers.

But some of the fans do not agree with, and criticized for its publication.

“Salma, you should know.” “I admire you very much, but this is completely unnecessary, pretentious and, above all, disrespectful”. There are a few of the comments were on it.

Salma had already registered, your celebration of your own, by posting a picture of her in a session of physical therapy.