Selection for volleyball, sitting in the last phase of training before the Games and Parapan american


The Brazilian team of the volleyball-sitting starts on the next Sunday, the 11., the 5. phase of training in preparation for the games, Parapan american, in Lima, Peru. Until the next day, the 17. of August, our athletes, in conjunction with the technical staff of the Brazilian Confederation of Volleyball for the disabled (CBVD), the final adjustments to the teams with an eye on the competition, and as a result, the vacancy for the Paralympic games in Tokyo in 2020.

In the times of the men and women in Brazil, the training of the Paralympic Committee of Brazil is concentrated in the middle, where in this period of time to reach the performance of two training sessions per day, as well as physiotherapy, massage, and physical training in the gym to 100% in the international competition. On the 17th day, the team in Peru will arrive to the payroll in the period, the adaptation of athletes to the mood of the country.

Games, Parapan american, starting on 23. And ends on August 1. September. A total of 24 athletes, two males and a female, plus the nine people, the staff is a part of the trainer.

The President of CBVD, and the selection you are going to with full force in pursuit of the title of the Games, Parapan american. “For the time, the men’s national team in Brazil, one of the three winners of the competition, and the women stayed with the two second places, plus he won a bronze medal in the Paralympic games in Rio 2016, shows a certain maturity in the team. We are confident that we will fight for the title with the national team, and also the participation of Canada in the Paralympic games in 2020,” said Angelo Alves, is his grandson.

The men’s national team

Anderson Rodrigues dos Santos (PMI-Brazil (BRAZIL)
Daniel Jorge da Silva (IPP, Brazil (BRAZIL)
Daniel Yoshizawa (Sesi-SP)
Diogo Rebouças (Vasco da Gama/RJ)
Fabricio da Silva Pinto (Sesi-SP)
Gilberto Lourenço da Silva (Institute for ethics in SP)
Leandro da Silva Santos (SESI-SP)
Leandro Henrique da Silva (Institute for Athon, SP)
Renato Leite de Oliveira, SESI-SP)
Samuel Henrique Arantes (Institute for ethics in SP)
Wellington Platini Silva da Anunciação (SESI-SP)
Wescley Conceicao de Oliveira (Vasco da Gama/RJ)
Rome Caesar on the Media – tech
Nery Mauricio Ferreira – assistant coach
Augusto Santos da Silva – assistant coach
Pedro Henrique de Almeida Alvarenga – physiotherapist

The Women’s Team

She joined Marchi (Adfego (GO)
Edwarda, the days of the olive-tree (Sesi-SP)
Gizele Maria Da Costa Dias (Sesi-SP)
Adria Jesus Jesus da Silva (Aligned (GO)
Pamela Pereira (Aligned (GO)
The Maria Angeles Castro (Adfego (GO)
Nathalie Filomena de Lima Silva (Sesi-SP)
Géssica Thais Souza de Araujo (Anthares/AL)
Jani Freitas, Batisita (Aligned (GO)
Girl of the year Seracinskis (ADD / SP)
Nurya de Almeida Silva (Aligned (GO)
Laiana Rodrigues Batista (Sesi-SP)
Joseph Agtonio Award For Technical
Fernando Lages Guimaraes Assistant Coach
The European Football Curupaná – Fitness
Ana Paula de Lima Ferreira – physiotherapist
Leonardo Martins, Mota-of-Moral – Medical