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Selena Gomez came up with a new format template is 2020, which is ready to conquer the world and their fans. The singer and actress have the looks according to the changes of looks, in his time the publication of his latest weblinks “Rare”.

The star of “Wizards of Waverly Place”, was recorded with a tight dress Golden color, with black boots while filming her new music video. Gomez drove to the recording, and therefore gave to your outfit, and your gorgeous smile. All of the images, Selena looks very upset, because they made it clear that the pain has caused you Justin Bieber is already a thing of the past.

Recently, the singer and actress gave an interview with NPR that she suffered “emotional abuse” on her relationship with Bieber, however, the experience in your old Dating enabled, more on the present.

“So much So that you don’t want to spend the rest of my life to talk about it, I’m proud to say, I feel stronger and have found a way, as graceful as possible,” said Gomez in an interview.

Still unknown the name of the video clip would not record, but three of the songs from your hard drive Rare: “Lots of You To Love Me”, “Look At the Ads Now” and “Rare.

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