Sportbuzz · Neymar Jr goes for a high in Paris after the event, in the home of Kevin Trapp


In the night of Sunday, the 20 was a special time for Kevin Trapp, and Izabel Goulart. The married couple opened with a dinner party in the new home in Paris, France. To celebrate this achievement, the goalkeeper of Eintracht Frankfurt, and the Brazilian model, dinner made, and have a couple of friends, including Neymar Jr, Thiago Silva, Belle Smith, and others.

If you leave the site, to the attacker of paris saint-germain FC by a refining. Through the use of social networks, I was caught trying to open his own car, and not always true. After some trial and error, friends, the man fell down with laughter when he sees the Jersey with the number 10 in the Park of the Prince, and have a lot of difficulties to the Blockade of his career GTC4lusso break – at an estimated cost of$4 million.

“Do you want a Ferrari, and the key would not open it? Well, I went for it. In the end it has all worked out -“Belle Smith, said the data played a set on the stories.

The players gave a good laugh during the movie (Instagram)


By the end of the week, the only Problem is, the Jr announced on the various social networking photos to your friends in front of the Eiffel tower and main tourist attraction in Paris, France.

Click, the man of the match, the Paris Saint-Germain appeared to the side of Thiago Silva, and Gil’s onions, with Kevin Trapp, and Cannes.

Then, the best player was found, and said all alone in front of the breath-taking scenery: “Could it be, you and I are in the picture, but you can’t work together”.

The Embassy, as was to be expected – it was an indirect to dating.

It is worth noting that in recent times, Neymar Jr, was pointed out by a reviewer for Fábia Oliveira, the newspaper of the day, as the Affairs of the template Natalía Barulích, the ex-singer / songwriter and Maluma.

The two posed together in a couple of clicks on the internet, and she already has some games from the athletes, also the last friendly between Brazil and Peru, on sept.

Rafaella Santos, ” and I have already replaced the following with Natalía on Instagram, which added to the rumors of a romance.

This is the first serious relationship of a professional football player after the end of the actress Bruna Marquezine, in October 2018.

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