Taylor Swift debuts with his film at the Festival of Sundance


Warn, many of the changes at the Sundance Film Festival, where approximately 118 game will be presented films for the next 10 days, starting on Thursday.

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The corporate streaming are now among the creators of larger amount of hits. The screen from the opening event is part of a movie from Netflix: a very early documentary of Taylor Swift “Miss Americana”. And for the first time in decades, the annual festival, which starts in this city, ski resort, without a speech from its founder, Robert Redford.

Sundance recently, the press conference, traditionally the first day of the presidency since the 1980s, of Redford, the radiant face of the event ends. In the past year, Redford just made a small cameo appearance in the press conference and said that she planned to retire. “We are at a point where I Redford said before to a different location,” at the time.

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The actor and Director of the 83-year-old, who said last year also, he was from the performance, nor do they have a presence at Sundance. In addition to the hand at the festival, in two documentaries, the later in the event, including one under the leadership of his grandson, Dylan Redford.

Nevertheless, the day is opening not star hotel been. “Miss Americana” brings Swift to the snowy streets of Park City, which is certainly one of the first, leads to greater frenzy. Along the next week and a half, and many other celebrities, a new docu-series from Hulu), Lin-Manuel Miranda (the object of three documentaries at the festival), Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell (stars of the remake of “Force Majeure”, “Downhill”), and many more are in Sundance, among them Hillary Clinton (“object”.

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The discovery, however, is of many possibilities, the most important event in Sundance where countless dealers of movies will explore, in cinemas, in search of the next piece of jewelry. The festival in the past year has offered a lot of dramas and documentary films celebrated as “The Farewell” (“goodbye”), “Honey Boy”, “Apollo 11”, “Clemency” and “American Factory”.

A documentary film, the triumph could, will be released on Thursday. “Crip Camp” under the direction of Jim LeBrecht, and Nicole Newnham, begins with the story of a shaky summer camp for young people with disabilities in the catskill mountains of New York state. But will be extended to the history of the movement for the rights of the disabled, was this camp so much thrust. It is the latest film from the production company of Barack and Michelle Obama, Higher Ground.

John Cooper, Director of the festival, also pulls back to take on a role of Director emeritus. In his last year before Sundance, Cooper said he was excited to align, and a number of good firsts for the day. “This is the day of the opening of the very exciting and attractive,” said Cooper. “That sets the standard for what people are doing in the next 10 days”.

“Crip Camp” is also a movie from Netflix. In an interview, Cooper said, without the detour via the influence of commercial streaming on the independent cinema. Last year, Amazon several acquisitions faces in Sundance (“Late Night,” “The Report has already been”), that were times of modest projection in cinemas. This year, more is yet to come. Disney-Plus films at the festival. And Warner media, before the start of the HBO-Max offers you a reception.

“The company’s streaming mean pure benefits for the independent cinema,” said Cooper. “Just in the last 10 years, was able to see how successful independent belts in the numbers in the conference. Not even that possibility existed. There were exceptions to the rule and this is again the standard that all should follow. With the streaming, I think that the number of the eye about these films is much, much bigger”.

“We have really good for the storyteller,” he added. “What’s complicated, how to think on his audience, but I find that hearings are to a greater extent than in the past”.