The house of stories Paula Rego in Cascais (portugal) up to 2029 – the life


The agreement secures the continuation of the activities of the Casa das Histórias – Paula Rego Museum until 2029 was signed today between the municipality of Cascais and Nick Willing, and the son of the artist.

“With this agreement, and reaffirms that, after all, a relationship of trust between the parties, the beginning of a new cycle, with energies renewed, and new developments in programming that it is and will always be faithful and honest to the world the art of Paula Rego,” he stated in a press release this week, the President of the municipal Council of Cascais), Carlos Carreiras.

Also, from this day on, painting, printmaking, drawing, loose clothing and papers in the original drawings of Paula Rego, as well as the recent sculptural work is shown in a new exhibition at the Casa das Histórias.

The show consists of previously unpublished works donated by the artist to the house of stories, of the more than 60 years in the making, announced the establishment of D. Luis, who organized the exhibition in collaboration with the municipality of Cascais, in the context of programming, in the heart of the city.

Dating from 1953 to 2019, the works invite us to a walk through the vast and diverse world of the art of Paula Rego, which contains drawings for free books with original drawings, and recent three-dimensional work of the artist, the “Proud/Pride” (from the series “the Seven deadly sins”), and, apparently, for the first time in the UK.

A three-dimensional, from the “papier mache” – with materials, fabrics and several, and the work it represents, in life size, the consort of France Marie Antoinette (1755–1793).

This is the result of a continuity with the creatures of the great Paula Rego ran from 1977 to 1978, in a period in which he created a series of dolls, made of cloth, which the characters of the fairy tale: “The Princess also pregnant,” The Prince”, “the Princess and The pea”, “The three-headed money,” and “puss in boots”.

The exhibition also features a number of works and models by the artist, his creative process, starting in the early 1990s.

“It is from this decade, or the story that the account is staged to begin in his Studio, with the help of naked models or by models in which the artist says his models for interacting in a complex choreography, the artist, the painting,” the curator, Catherine Alfaro.

“Paula Rego: drawing, role -, to paint, to play, it is open to the public from Friday, 24 may, 2020.


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