The piquant gesture from Beyonce, a photo, the rage on Instagram


The diva has developed the social networks, a new photo and an amazing dress.

His 38-year-old Beyoncé it is known worldwide
his qualities as a singer,
dancer, model, and businesswoman. His talent, the time on the first places
popular. However, recently a strong commitment to her age, made
and what he pretends to do, the quality of the time, if you can’t be
about the scenarios.

However, the QueenB is revealed in a recent interview that she intends to continue investing in new projects in order to money in adulthood. According to his own words, he is aware of her beauty and the movement of the hips and not eternal. But the funny thing is that the us-American artist in a short time, published a picture on Instagram that she is also surprised to 142 million followers.

The pop diva is wearing, in turn, in a
red dress with huge train, a section of a symmetrical and an opening in
her right leg, that the user dazzled. Is the piece accentuates your
attributes and did not stop for no one. Up to the time of the publication reached more than
5 million likes and more than 38 thousand
guest reviews.

It is so, the Bey chose
you post several pictures on Instagram and on one of your post cards, made a gesture of daring.
Immediately, the fans were praised to him your messages anywhere, how good is it
saw. Is that the singer is also known for her stunning outfits
since then, the girl-band Destiný Child belonged to until today.

“My body went through many changes more than he ever thought I could bear it. Of the day, I light weighed 98 pounds. I had a pregnancy extremely difficult ( … ), Had high blood pressure and developed pre-eclampsia. And the heartbeat of a baby held up a couple of times while still in the womb, so I had a Kaiser-emergency”, added the artist about the pregnancy of Sir and Rumi Carter, of which he is the victim of criticism for her weight.