the scenes of the catwalk shows from LFW to get you going in the groove!


The inspiration, the fashion week will go far beyond the trends. The clothes and the runway shows, talk-of-the-art, and communication. And the designers of the London Fashion Week, have this form of expression to talk about Sisterhood, empowerment, representation, and sustainability. We are pure people, we’ve outlined 3 of the most important events, the bombaram in the showroom in England

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The mode is far outside the mainstream. Clothing, the power of one’s own identity. It is our first form of expression. The trends, patterns, and textures, but also in art and culture. And it was a meeting of all these functions -and many others-that were on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. The week the most important fashion in the UK, has important topics such as the Sisterhood, the representativeness and the sustainability of the discussions. The fashion brand pumps such as Halpern and Tommy, also represented by the settings and the symbolism and the importance of going above and beyond. We Pure peoplemake use of the most memorable moments from the show room in london!

Sisterhood on the slopes!

Sisterhood means that you have compassion and camaraderie among the women, with the aim of combining forces. And that is exactly what the world saw on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. During the parade, the Halpern, a model that has become asymmetrical, and is not able to return to the showroom. She wore a pair of sandals from the brand christian Louboutin with a heel-block and animal print. To help her, the supermodel who was directly behind her, holding her, while a woman knelt in the first row, his Shoe. If you removed the Shoe from the model, grabbed the two pieces in his hands, and went with the two elements. The move was applauded by the audience, on the spot, and had an impact on the world!!!

The representation and inclusion of the casting

Unity is strength, but this power can only be seen, if we only have one representative. And it is the combination of these two factors, the Tommy Hilfiger took the fashion week. The casting of the models, the brand brought people from all over the world, including the Brazilian Alessandra Ambrosio, a British Clip, and a muslim from Kenya, Halima. The parade to the end, even touched, to the public, given that the top models went hand-in-hand with the sound of a choir and live music. “It is very important for women, support of women,” advised Janice to comment on the science.

Sustainability is shaken in a parade of the who’s Tommy!

The environment was also part of the list of highlights of the London Fashion Week. The collection of Tommy Hilfiger, in partnership with Lewis Hamilton and H. E. R.”, was conscious on the basis of the principles of fashion. This is because 75% of the parts that are sustainable and made from 100% organic cotton. In addition to this, the parts are sexless, but sex and taboos.

(By Ana Clara Xavier

Pure people

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