The scheme of the social security Institute of the Orobó diverts$ 2.5 mi


In the second phase of the operation, the greed fulfilled the five arrest warrants and 12 search and seizure in the States of Pernambuco, Paraíba and Santa Catarina, Brazil. The aim of the President of the office of the pension Fund of the Orobó (Ipreo), and Gustavo José da Silva, of the accused, the leader of a criminal organization, and his wife, Miriam, Gizele de Abreu, and Rue, and three friends of the couple was. All of them are involved in fraud in the pensions of municipal officials.

According to the investigations by the public Prosecutor’s office, the group was accused, and then turn away from the values of the institute, for the benefit of its own. The diversions had since the year 2015.

Among the companies mentioned in the GAECO a White strip, Transport & Logistics, LTD., located in Vitória de Santo Antão, in the North of GT road equipment, in Chapecó, state of Santa Catarina, and Vitória, Transport, which is in the neighborhood of Imbiribeira, Recife. The news come in contact with both of them, but not a return to the end of this issue.

According to the Prosecutor in the Performance of the Special prosecution of Organized crime (Gaeco), Steve Tenorio, in the three years, which has been embezzled approximately$ 2.5 million. “With the support of the Gaeco, it was possible to detect that the Chairman of Ipreo was to give, starting in the year 2015 can people from outside of the Institute, to pension plans, including in the list of the persons of the wife, and a few more friends. To obtain for these people, a month-to-month amounts of money,” she said.

The operation was investigating the seizure of a large amount of material, including a safe for the money. Everything is periciado.

The goal is Laundry to answer for the crimes of a criminal Association, embezzlement, and money. The operation of these beats and a further 13 people are still being investigated.

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Gustavo last Tuesday (23 was arrested. May), as well as his wife, Miriam Gizele de Abreu, Rue, friends, Vanelly Priscilla Rodrigues da Silva Ramos, Joseph Arthur Santos dos Santos. He was still fixed on the friend, Gustavo, Jessica, Celerino dos Santos, the police last Thursday (25th). In another study, Jailson Flor da Silva has been released, and follow the precautions.

Ipreo today

Her EX came in contact with the Directors of Ipreo, Felício de Oliveira, who reported that the amount would be distracted for a discharge of the state Treasury. “When I took over at the 26. October of last year, I have the R$ 318 million euros. Currently, she is in the box, about$ 1.8 million. To do this, we need to cut spending, to honor the payroll of pensioners of the district. The value is retrieved, it is with relief Ipreo,” he said.

The officer also noted that the payment of the 251 municipal officials takes place on time, always at the end of the month, which comes to a total of$ 376 thousand on a monthly basis.