The Super Bowl, Shakira, and JLo total of more than 1,300 complaints | Today


If it is a universal truth is that it’s everyone’s rains never taste, although it is one of the shows the rest of the Super Bowl more applause, of all times, the performance Shakira and Jennifer Lopez also complaints received. So the whopping crowd of more than 1,300 is!

As revealed, the regulatory authority shall content Us television. After receipt of the first complaint, the most popular nothing more has to take place, the event by an activist christian, threatened to file a complaint with the NFLmany have followed the example of and the reasons for the complaint: show it was not enough familiar. Also something that brings the head to the creators revival of Lizzie McGuire.

The success of the champeta, the Colombian or the display pole dance from the Bronx, not, has, unfortunately, nothing suitable for a show of this magnitude at all, which you accuse of being a show about the Super Bowl other Latin-American history, “pornographic”, “display ” orgies” and convert the show into a club striptease“.

Comments such as “I’m Not subscribed to the channel Playboynot porn have to pay to see, we wanted to just sit with the family and see the Super-Bowl. God, we had football, and a small concert, but instead of our point of view, insultada was” or “That was incredibly offensive, and my children were you to see”, and many other, but similar examples have been repeated over and over again from various points in the geography of the United States.

For the moment, or Shakira or Jennifer Lopez have commented on it. Although, judging by the incredible increase of their sales and the success of the respective challenges viral after the show and even the benefits of your colleagues J Balvin and Bad Bunny, it is more than obvious that the vast majority of the world population fascinated in front of the showincluding the amount of celebs were transferred, at the foot of the tandem-latino. A performance certainly, it will be difficult to overcome. Although in terms of claims, Justin Timberlake following the first position more than half a million after the time he discovered the chest Janet Jackson in front of the whole world.