Transport system for inter-County welcomes the investment in new buses


According to the carrier, the return-on-investment was close to$ 5 million

According to the carrier, the return-on-investment of about £ 5 million – that’s easy.

On the road, the Southern cross, one of the traders who operates on the lines of the inter-is-to-work State will begin from this Wednesday (15.08) in the field row, a Great/Beautiful with a couple of new vehicles, for the modernisation of the fleet. Overall, the company has five new buses that were sent purchased, to the state Agency responsible for the regulation of Public utilities (Agepan), on Tuesday last. To improve in addition to the use of cars in the order, the customer service in the many times you have done this, it will prompt the carrier to extend from about the time lines under its concession.

The expectation of the Agency, the renewal and modernisation of a part of the fleet is the promotion of quality and efficiency in the provision of the service. “The investment by the utility companies, the direct results of both the self-interest of companies to maintain their business, as well as regulatory measures ensuring the fulfilment of the obligations of the operator, including the provision of a sufficient fleet to meet the needs of qualified service,” says President and ceo of the Agepan, Youssif Domingos. Accompanied by the Director of regulation and supervision in the areas of transport, roads and ports, He Rodrigues, that he was testing the new vehicles, by the head of the wearer, For Possari.

The buses are equipped with multimedia system. In addition, the factory with a lift for accessibility for people with disabilities to do a legal obligation, what is already in place come from. The system allows the boarding of a passenger with a disability for a vehicle with a chair lift that moves automatically, between the platform and the interior of the bus.

“The monitoring of the age and condition of the fleet, inspection, regular inspections of the condition of the vehicle, in the field, and their claims to monitor a key component of the Agency and collect the necessary investments in health care. Every time there is a merger of the buses are new, the goal is the reduction in claims for delay, breakage, hygiene and cleanliness, and to the company a greater satisfaction of their customers,” he says of the First years.

According to the carrier, the return-on-investment of about$ 5 million.

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