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For the first time Scarlett Johansson it was nominated for two categories at the academy awards, but the fact is that the actress you think of your debut on the big screen sooner than. The eternal, Black widow, the Marvel comics, he is in charge not only of the more than 40 films in his head, but also a number of unusual facts, in the course of your professional career and personal life. The tests of the votes, rejected, included in a marriage that almost no one remembers, and a whole lot more! He was curious? So, come on get up -to-the Pure break!

10 unusual facts about Scarlett Johansson, who does not know you probably did! Check it out

10 unusual facts about Scarlett Johansson, who does not know you probably did! Check it out

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1. Scarlett was previously married to Ryan Reynolds

Before marriage Blake Livelythe Serena from “Gossip Girl”, Ryan Reynoldswho plays Deadpool-Marvel comics, he was married Scarlett Johansson in the period between 2008 and 2011.

It is a fact that no one remembers!

2. He began his film career at the age of ten years

Very young, is not he?! His film debut was in the ComedyThe Guardian Angel“in 1994, at the side of Bruce After and Elijah Wood.

3. He has already recorded two albums

Yes, she sings too! In 2008, Scarlett, launched the “Anywhere I Lay My Head“with cover versions of Tom Waits, and the next year, “The Break-Up“with Pete yorn mobile.

web-page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3Enh9vxoMo(/embed)

4. He tried on the role of the twins in the movie “Operation Cupid” (1997), but lost to Lindsay Lohan

You can imagine how your childhood would have been different if Lindsay Lohan not protagonizasse “Operation Cupid”, but Scarlett Johansson?!

5. He served in the “Forgotten of Me: 3”

Who to her at a very young age in the role of The Molly Pruittthe older sister of the main character, Alex Pruitt (Alex D. Linz)?!

6. The role of the Black Widow was Emily Blunt

Scarlett was the second choice to play the super heroine. After all this success could not have chosen better, right?!

7. Scarlett was familiar with Chris Evans since I was a teenager. The two had been together for two movies, before we got back in touch with Marvel

The first time we worked together was on “The Maximum Number Of Points“(2004). In 2007, the two made a few apaixonadíssimo in “Diary of a Nanny“.

8. Have you, in an auction in which the price of a dinner was Not for you, and for a pre-premiere of the film “He’s just not that into You,”… but it’s for a good cause!

The winner of the auction for 20 thousand pounds has been offered for the exclusive rights. The money was donated to the NGO, Oxfan America, Scarlett was a representative.

9. Has a twin brother named Hunter Johansson

Besides the father, three brothers and sisters.

10. He has two phobias: cockroaches and birds

In the US, is not he?!

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