5 lessons that have made Scarlett Johansson one of the most well paid in the world


From blockbusters like “The Avengers”, a movie more of a sect as “A marriage story, new york is the number 1 on the list of “Forbes” for the second year in a row

A poor journalist who is not prepared for a press conference in the Scarlett Johansson it is a gift. The internet is full with videos, the sarcastic answer in the show for the reporters, who talk about their clothes, their body, their hair or their sex appeal on the screen.

The owner of a personality, the powerful in new york, for the second time in the last two years, the actress to the highest paid in the movie theatre in the world. It had a turnover of 230 million U.S. dollars last year, just to work on the last film of the saga The avengersthis,” he says by 2019, his fee amounted to 35 million.

Keep an eye on this success, we have listed 5 reasons for a career of 35 years at the top of the currently – besides his talent for acting, of course. See below for Details:


In the year 2019, the same year it appeared in theaters, as the heroine Black Widow in the megaprodução The Avengers UltimateScarlett also went on to star in two other films, far more intimate. The first of these is the The Marriage In The Storya full-length feature film, produced by the Netflix it is in the catalogue on the websites and tells the story of sore for a couple who split. Director Noah Baumbachit was very well received by the critics, and it should be a strong competitor, at the time of the awards, which follow in January Already in production Well With The Real WorldThe winner of the People’s Choice Award, portrays a young woman who lived in the time of nazi Germany. The young man is depicted with humor and a plot that was available. The interpretation of Scarlett, but is praised for it.

Scarlett JOhansson

A scene from the movie “the story of a marriage, from the series


It is a fact that in a franchise to the most profitable in the history of Hollywood-in the trap The avengers – you have to fill a lot of your account with a bank in the show. However, she was able to make the right decisions and hardly any of his films, flopam at the box office. So much So that for the year 2020, you should have the main role in his first feature-length film in the super-hero on their own. The Black Widow Moviehas generated great expectations in and around the audience, and it is a litmus should test to see if Scarlett is able to take us to, which is enough to watch movies within the genre. In any case, the value that you already carries as an actress, the risk of maintaining an action movie on its own.


In a recent interview, Scarlett has already said that he is to escape sought, aware from the papers in the sensual, often only on the careers of Actresses of a single type of character. The proof is that you got it is the path that goes through the various Film genres, from drama to science fiction to Comedy. Among the high-profile films of his career in a variety of areas, the fictional, futuristic is Lucy (2014), the drama of the cult Your (2013) – all of which served only to lend his voice to an artificial intelligence engine – and the drama of the season On The Other (2008) where she played Mary Boleyn, and the Comedy Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008). In one of these movies, Scarlett Johansson plays a major parts of the characters they interpret.


The Sofia Coppola to Woody Allenover Spike Jonze, Brian De Palma or Christopher Nolan… The career of Scarlett’s impressive that it refers to the experience on the set with the Directors and the writers are already doing that. Again, the possibilities are very well made for the career of their versatility in roles and visibility, even if it is not the main character of the film. The only Woody Allen, it was three movies in a row – and that’s when the film-maker is in full swing. It is impossible to say that been influenced by these films, a positive effect on his career.


The personal life of the actress, as a rule, not more attention than his successes in his career – though there is a lot of curiosity around him. Scarlett was married twice, and then it is on the third union, this time with the comedian from the north american Colin Jost. In the case of the planet are very rare, and the actress used to do appearances for the targeted enforcement, if, and only if you are promoting your films. To it also contributes to their popularity is the fact, not to deny it, to talk about controversial issues such as the protection of the movement #MeToo, and, at the same time, say that you want to, run the sim again with Woody Allen, who is a personal friend. Although he received some criticism for the comments, the magazine Vanity Fair She said: “I do not know the things that you and the others, it’s just that I have a very close proximity to Woody. He is my friend. But I don’t have the understanding of what my personal relationship with him.” That is to say, no one will be able to tell you that this is a successful well, the result of his or her personality and desires.

Even so, it is worth noting that, as the actress the best paid in the world, Scarlett Johansson, will receive $ 130 million, less than the highest-paid actor on the list of Forbes. Dwayne Johnsonthe Rock, closed by 2018, with a 360-million greenbacks in the box. The proof of the equality of wages, is still far away, far away, if there are the numbers in millions.


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