Another version of the ‘hot’ of the legendary Versace-Jennifer Lopez let’s see your charms to maximum


Jennifer Lopez a figure of a heart attack up to 50 stores a year, is no secret, but it never ceases to amaze its supporters.

The paparazzi were away from the “Diva ” Bronx” in Miami to have lunch with your whole family, including your fiance Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez. (Grosby Group)

What he noticed was the outfit of JLo, because he was dressed with an elegant Versace on that legendary dress from the Grammy awards on 23 February 2000.

Not to mention his clothing from the figure and the curves highlighted, sporty. Without a doubt, had paralysed the traffic at every step.

The collapse has benefited as the signature, the green dress, because she has it on four different occasions and models, a seal.

Impossible to forget, in his penultimate occur.

Jennifer Lopez closed the fashion show of Versace’s S/S by 2020, with a new version of the dress. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez at his fashion show in Milan. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez with Versace.
Jennifer Lopez with Versace. (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez in Milan. (Getty Images)

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