Beyoncé reveals why it was forbidden to take photos in the presentation of their homage to Kobe Bryant, Gigi


On 24 February, a monument to life was to publicly honor Kobe and Gianna Bryantand the other seven victims of the accident of the helicopter of the last month. Beyoncé climbed on the stage and sang a mix of two of his songs. But, according to Page Six, the photographer banned, pictures of the singer, and it turns out that he, at the request of her.

The sources indicate that prior to their appearance, Beyoncé instead of reported to the organizers and the security at the Staples Center, the photographers, and they would be the pictures of her out of respect for the family. He also said he didn’t want to emotionally attract the attention of the family in this time.

“Beyoncé asked not to photos be required of your on the memorial of Kobe. He didn’t want to attract the attention of Vanessa and family. Only was because he loved you, Kobe, and wanted to make something special for Vanessa”. A source close to the superstar to Hollywood life said.

While your interpretation of the theme “XO”, Beyoncé he said he was there because she loved Kobe Bryant and “XO” it was one of his favorite songs: “I want us to sing together, and singing, is very high, so that he feels our love” he told the audience. After her appearance, the singer of 38 years, he sat behind Vanessa Bryantand comforted her friend the whole time.

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The interpreter, “Halo”, he added, that Kobe and Vanessa friends are of her and Jay-Z and even new year’s eve had spent together. However, their friendship dates back to the mid-90s, in the early days Destiny’s Child.


Kobe he even appeared in the video-remix – “Say My Name” and he also had a cameo appearance in the video to the song “Bug-A-Boo” out of the group.

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