Comment by Miley Cyrus a photo on Instagram, it will appear where your last three pairs of


Miley Cyrus the protagonists of the social networks, but this time it is not for a photo that you have hung up, but from a comment has ceased to be in Instagram. The singer was collage a user, in the it combined three photos, the last three pairs, Liam Hemsworth, starring kaitlynn Carter and Cody Simpson. And to the surprise of the whole world, could not prevent the image comment.

It is a series of photos in which Miley Cyrus appears to be, with each of them. The of Liam Hemsworth is part of the day of your wedding; the of starring kaitlynn Carter, to the day, celebrating the 30 birthday of the blogger, and Cody Simpson, is one of the last sharing on Instagram.

The person, the happen together in a collage, the white with a clear intention: the name used on the three photos Miley Cyrus has the same filter in black. In fact, many users of Instagram were storming against the singer, therefore, sometimes frivolous, by trying the same way to his last three pairs.

What no-one knew that Miley Cyrus, he is commenting on a meeting of this snapshot on Instagram, and even less of that. What is the message that writing has left was? Something simple, but with a hint of mockery: “classic”.

Yes, the singer is meant that the use of a black-and-white filter gives antiquated the images something like in the pictures from a few years ago, up to the present day, we believe, classical. But if we don’t further shows, and we read between the lines, the simplicity of the comment of Miley Cyrus that you see to say is a problem in the use of the same filter, which has in these photos, nothing more.