Dancer Shakira speaks about controversial video


The young barranquillera fame, the are responsible to teach in several steps of champeta with Shakira, one of the artists with the largest worldwide fame, which they are used in the presentation, it was in the last edition of the Super Bowl, in addition to Jennifer Lopez.

From this moment on, the artist of 18 years, she was one of the most famous dancers in Colombia, already, that, apart from the teacher, the couple, the football player Gerard Piqué, also it was on this show was seen by millions of people around the world.

In the last few days, in the profile of Instagram by Liz, with over 500 thousand followers, a video was released intimate, it was immediately deleted but, that had an impact on the social networks.

Against the criticism in the direction of the boys, for the dissemination of this video intimate in their own networks, the dancer related to this fact ensure that it is goodbut without comment the reason that this material was published.

I’m not so good, but I don’t have that apagarme, I’m with the best attitude and inclination of pa’. There is to encounter, everything that comes now, because I know there are many people who want to see me, bad, and other people see me want to have like all these people that have written to me, supported me, and with him just happened,” said Liz Dany Ocampo.

Thereafter, the barranquillera is related to what is happening on your account of Instagram with video intimate. “They tried to ‘hack’ my Instagram-thank God-I couldn’t delete, the thing is so accuratea bit late, but no matter, I will not be sad, because that’s what you want to see in me is something that you will be not turned off on me”.