Hi, mother of Beyonce shows that more expected grandchildren


Tina Knowles-admits Lawson, who is quite anxious to get back to grandma…

Could it be that there are more children of Beyonce and Jay-Z? At least that’s what you want, that the mother of the singer, Tina Knowles-Lawson.

The entrepreneur from the age of 66 he gave to the magazine US Weekly that she has more grandchildren want to, and said that he would watch ‘worried’ that their beloved daughters Beyonce and Solange more children in the future.

“Oh, Yes, of course I want more grandchildren! You spend time with them [the best part]. To make me laugh and make me feel good. You want unconditionally,” said the woman.

Lawson has four grandchildren currently: Blue Ivy, eight years, and the twins are two years old, Rumi, and Sir, by Beyoncé, and her grandson a teenager of 15 years, Daniel Julez is.

In the same interview, Tina took the opportunity to praise your daughter for as Long as by ‘a soul, the creative and energetic’:

“Let me tell you something about as Long as … they went out of the womb knowing exactly who he was. As long as it was always loaded, without a soul, creative and energy. Born with the fiery spirit of his mother,” she says.