How is it really the hair of Beyoncé?


Along his career, Beyoncé is a variety of hairstyles and different colors, but the major constant has been that we have always had a passion for wigs and extensions.

Your hair parts reach such a level of perfection, which is hard to distinguish when you are wearing, what occasion to many questions between your fans about how it looks really the hair of the singer.

Now, her mother, Tina Knowles, was commissioned by the solution of this mystery on your account of Instagram to share a video that was confirmed, for a time, the Queen B has a mane of brunette with strands of honey color comes almost up to the waist, and that, despite his status as a star, continue to trust in your skills as a hairdresser.

Beyoncé and responsible for her beautiful hair

“Today, the cutting of the hair was, in my small and could not stop imitating Neal (the stylist for the interpreters, who, for years, Neal Farinah). Was nervous, because I can be very annoying!”, Tina said in addition to a video that will be displayed in the work.

How specifically do you have your pendant in the comments, can Beyoncé has a fortune worth millions of dollars, and a whole team of professionals at your service, but at the end of the day still on her mother retocarle the tips in the home kitchen.

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