How to curly hair from Selena Gomez


It seems, new drive, new life… and look new. After his return to the social network in January, this task is left finally seemed to lose heart in september. And this is, according to your data carrier and the latest information from the singer in terms of their skewness and last relationship with singer Justin Bieber’s past seem to be a new account of emotional Gomez. Yes, and on the basis of his last publication, is prettier than ever before.

The singer behind his mane lacia has and lisa has left to the hair curls curly with a couple of maxi -, the remembered, at first glance, us to Jennifer Lopez.

But no, the singer has dared with loops XL, that it seems to create a pony voluminous look, and it framed the face. Although we tend to be more for the own way of styling the look of a hairstyle.

Jennifer Lopez (judge for yourself…)

Always, this a question of genetics, but also of the technique is to lure you in. The hair can be smooth, create a look “similar”, if the singer. The key to a good tenacilla is tapered (diameter) and a couple of good products styling.

Mask for curly hair 'Curly Superglow'

D. R.

Mask for curly hair ‘Curly Superglow’of Soul Secret. A treatment, enriched with 9 Botanical oils, not fatty acids (avocado, chia, pomegranate, coconut, calendula, linseed, castor oil, and almonds), and protein-trich, aloe vera, horsetail and cucumber. It is perfect structure, to define, to discipline and to loosen the curls without weight, and control frizz.

Booster curls Cocunat

D. R.

Booster curls of Cocunat. It is a set-controls frizz and shapes the discontinuation curls without him. Contains natural oils and essential complete with vitamins the hair. It is 100% natural.


D. R.

Nutri Curls of Fructis, Garnier. Cream without rinsing to air dry, it contains pectin in the fruit, which brings you a gelatinous, no weight added. Also, oil of pistachio, contains nourishes in depth.


Richard Pierce

Curl Defining Cream, And Moroccanoil. Cream-and-form machine for curls-adds volume and control without weighing it down. Replaces the traditional air-conditioning systems. Is not clarified, and brings vitamins F, A, and E, for hair, for protection against free radicals

If you have curly hair, and your problem is the short definition of the curls, you can visit the center Aquarela Hairdressers and to ask you, you a “Plastic Capillary”. It comes to the solution, the curls at the salon for curly hair, and punished again. The abuse of the heat and the chemical processes that make you go lost and the formula of the treatment is lost promotes the replenishment of keratin, it moisturizes in depth, seals the cuticle, eliminates frizz, and again the tips. The result is a mane with curls and waves perfectly defined. The price of the treatment between 90 and 22 €.